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Samara took part in another photoshoot – this time for Minc Magazine. Below you can watch behind the scenes video from the set of photoshoot for 8 issue of magazine. Check it out!


I cant’t wait for first outtakes :)

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I have added to the gallery 5 amazing outtakes from Samara’s 2014 promoshoot for Bonds. Check out the photos right now!

Other Projects > Modeling > Bonds (2013) > Promotional Shoot 2014

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Bonds released a new ad for it’s new project – Bonds Sporty. Check the video out and click on the thumbs below to see caps from it in our gallery.

Other Projects > Modeling > Bonds (2013) > Screencaptures > 2014: “Get Sporty”

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To the gallery have been added 31 UNSEEN OUTTAKES from Samara’s photoshoot taken by Pierre Toussaint last year. Check them out because our lady looks amazing!

Photoshoots > Session #027

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To the gallery has been added new outtake from 2014 photoshoot for Bonds. Beside this, below you can read an article about Sam and surfer Owen Wright who’s also Bonds face of the underwear label.

A fresh wave of talent will grace the new Bonds campaign. Pat Rafter is hanging up his undies to make way for Australian surfer Owen Wright in the sexy new campaign. Wright will model alongside Australian actress Samara Weaving.

In the first image released from the campaign, a gorgeous blonde Weaving is pictured in a mismatched two-piece ensemble. A blue and white animal print sports bra is paired with neon yellow and white animal print briefs, with black detailing.

The combination couldn’t fit her more perfectly with her toned yet curvy physique.

Equally fit, Owen wore charcoal long briefs with a black waistband, arms folded. The 24-year-old from Culburra Beach on the NSW South Coast, told the Daily Telegraph that Samara’s confidence on set in her underwear made the experience a lot easier.

‘I was definitely apprehensive about being photographed in my underwear, but then I thought Pat has been there and done that,’ he said.

‘What helped was Samara’s confidence. Seeing her so relaxed and having so much confidence while walking around in her underwear made it easier for me.’

However this wasn’t the first time the sun-bleached blonde had worked with Bonds.

In 2012 he was a face of The Birthday Project, a campaign where the underwear brand aimed to find one Australian born every day since Bonds’ inception on July 1, 1915.

The 21-year-old former Home and Away actress and niece of actor Huge Weaving, is also a familiar face on the retailers books. She was signed on as Bonds youth ambassador in 2013, and has modeled for the brand since 2012. Now based in London, the popular actress played the role of Indigo Walker on the Australian soap from 2009 to 2013.

The pair follow in the footsteps of well known Australian models who have fronted the iconic brand, including Sarah Murdoch, Catherine McNeil, Miranda Kerr, Shanina Shaik.

Other faces of the brand, which will celebrate it’s 100th birthday in 2015, have been American actress, model and granddaughter of Elvis Presley, Riley Keogh and actresses Rachael Taylor and Isabelle Cornish.

Other Projects > Modeling > Bonds (2013) > Promotional Shoot 2014

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I have added to the gallery 3 amazing outtakes from Samara’s new photoshoot taken by Pixie Levinson. Check them out!

Photoshoots > Session #028

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I’m in the process of updating the gallery with all missing pictures right now. I’ve just added 28 medium quality paparazzi photos from January 11, when Samara was spotted out and about in Sydney.

Candids > Candids from 2014 > January 11 – Out and about in Sydney

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I have added to the gallery two outtakes from Samara’s new photoshoot for Bonds. She looks amazing. Check the pics right now!


Other Projects > Modeling > Bonds (2013) > Promotional Shoot 2014

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She became an ambassador for Bonds Underwear in 2012 after becoming a household name on Home And Away, and now Samara Weaving has shared her tips on how she keeps in shape.

The 21-year-old model and actress has youth on her side, but that doesn’t stop her pounding the pavement and watching her diet.

The Adelaide-born star says she loves to run, especially when she’s travelling for work or pleasure.

‘It doesn’t matter where you are, you can just put your runners on and go. When I’m travelling it’s a really good way to get to know a city – especially if you’ve never been there before’, she told Cosmopolitan magazine.

Samara runs outside for 30 minutes to an hour almost every day after her morning coffee.

‘It keeps me mentally and physically happy’, she said.
When it comes to her diet, she likes to keep a healthy balance and doesn’t beat herself up if she overindulges.

She keeps a close eye on her sugar intake, including the alcohol she drinks over weekends. When she does decide to indulge, Samara says she’ll grab some chili chocolate or her grandmother’s trifle. Her simple regime of running and eating a balanced diet has done wonders for her physique and her career.

She’s played Indigo Walker on Home And Away since 2009 and has just been announced to star in a new Australian horror. She’ll take the lead female role in Before Dawn, which sees a man and his family trying to escape a horde of blood-thirsty infected people, while being held hostage by a group of criminals in a small country town.

The film will begin production this year but does not have a release date yet.


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‘Cause I’m living to my family today, I wanna wish you all a joyous Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope this new 2014 year will be better for us and for Samara and we’ll be able to see her in another great movies. Again, Happy Holidays!